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16th August 2022 
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BACP - The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
Counselling Directory - A directory of counsellors, interesting articles and workshops
Mind - The Mental Health charity
Relate - Relationship counselling
Samaritans - Volunteers who will listen if you are feeling suicidal or want to talk through issues
Trust House Reading - Counselling for all survivors (young & old; men & women) of sexual violence; a telephone helpline and Advocates available to support you through any court proceedings
PACT Charity - Fostering and adoption
The Eaves, Surrey - My practice rooms in Farnham


"There is so much I want to say. Through my journey with Mandy I have realised a lot about myself and learnt some important life skills too... That my emotions are real to me and it's ok, and necessary to show them and that I need to show those close to me how I feel in order for them to help me. I had been dealing with the devastating loss of my unborn baby. This painful loss closely followed the death of my wonderful father In law. I was left feeling angry with the whole world. Angry that no one understood, that no one could help me and that no one else was going through this instead of me. I came to a point where I knew the only healthy thing to do was to get some help. I have never admitted to needing help for anything in my life so this was a very scary thing for me.
From my very first meeting with Mandy, she showed an empathy that I didn't expect. She made me feel very relaxed and safe which enabled me to open up more and feel comfortable to do so. Mandy asked questions, gave me time to digest and supported me to find the answers myself. I was given the confidence to trust my instincts and own capabilities to get through this difficult time.
We both came to the decision after 12 weeks that I was at a better place and therefore stopped the sessions, but I know I can meet with Mandy should things become difficult again in the future. The sessions I had were absolutely invaluable to me. I needed some support and that's exactly what I got, for all aspects of my life. I've managed to find my old self again and feel strong enough to deal with things away from counselling. I really can't thank Mandy enough."
- CA (29)

"Mandy came strongly recommended to me by two of her clients. I had had previous counselling but Mandy's warmth and empathy were the characteristics that really helped me to increase my self-awareness and acceptance. I felt fully supported and my anxiety has reduced hugely, as well as now having the tools to manage it independently. I am extremely grateful. My life is better as a result of our work together. "
- SF (46)

"Counselling with Mandy has quite literally changed my life. Mandy is warm and empathic. When I talk to her I know she really understands me. She accepts me just as I am and has helped me at accept myself too. In working with her I have increased in confidence and self-worth. I understand myself better, and mange my relationships better. I am less anxious and no longer have such a need to be in control of everything – after a lifetime of being a ‘control freak’ I can let go and still feel safe. I can be wrong or angry and still feel okay. My friends and family comment on how much happier I am. At first I was nervous about starting counselling, but it is possibly the most worthwhile thing I have ever done.
Thank you Mandy, I wouldn't be where I am now without you."
- CJ (45)

“Knowing that my life needed to change and realising that counselling might be my best course of action seemed very unnatural. An overwhelming sense of weakness took over my whole life, something that I’d previously reserved for ‘other people’ - not me. I never imagined I would ever be in a position to even joke about needing counselling, let alone find myself tentatively searching on-line to find someone who might be able to help me. Meeting Mandy has been one of my greatest personal achievements in my life, and it’s an achievement because I never thought I could do it! It’s also been the most important and beneficial thing I could have done for myself. As soon as I met Mandy I began to realise I’d made the right decision, the sense of relief was enormous. Mandy’s approach and dedication to me was amazing. Each week I’d leave with a greater understanding of my situation and surroundings which was truly uplifting and satisfying. I will strongly recommend counselling to anyone who ever mentions that they may be considering it, and more specifically Mandy. Her kind nature and open-minded approach have truly helped me re-build and re-interpret my life. I really don’t know what would have happened if we hadn't met.”
- CC (33)

"Thank you for helping get our son back into school, we didn't know how he was going to regain his confidence and you've started the ball rolling for his journey forward."
- parents of AR (12)

"It was hard coming here every week to talk about myself, but at least I am not so shy about talking up in class and I don't think constantly about how fat and ugly I am or about what to restrict in my eating next and how to hide it from my parents"
- GF (15)